Shelby Pearson

Hi I am Courtney! If you are seeking skin treatment and education you have come to the right place. Think of me as your \”Esthie Bestie\” from now on! I always want to help my clients reach their skincare goals and needs. I love helping my clients and love skincare.


A Few Words about Oklahoma Facials

Oklahoma Facials has always had a passion for skincare. We just didn\’t know that our passion could be translated into a full-blown career. We took that leap of faith and started Oklahoma Facials as soon as we finished our esthetician license and laser-work certification.

Since then we have been working hard to instill confidence in any of our clients and to both service and educate all customers about skincare along their own skincare journeys. We love what we do and can\’t wait to be apart of your skincare journey.

Oklahoma Facials

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What Oklahoma Facials Clients Say

“I really struggled with figuring out my skincare regiment. I was trying all sorts of different products and treatments and thought there was no end in sight to my pain and displeasure. Luckily I came into Oklahoma Facials. They helped me at every step and always made me feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. Thanks to Oklahoma Facials I am as confident as ever in my own skin.

Lauren Brown

“I enjoy the occasional spa day here and there. Oklahoma Facials is always ready for what I want and has no problem meeting my needs. Thanks Oklahoma Facials!

Brad Jennings
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