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Who are we?‚Äč

A Few Words About Oklahoma Facials

We are a team of estheticians dedicated to your skincare journey. Whether it is regular facials and treatments or a more hands-on approach, educating along the way. Oklahoma Facials is here for you and to meet your specific needs.

Let us handle your spa day. We can help with regular skincare treatments at your leisure.

We have traditional, modern, and other types of facial treatments and skincare options. Let us work with you to help figure out what service you require.

Oklahoma Facials

Health Benefits


Produces Feelings of Caring, Comfort and Connection


It Counteracts damages caused to your skin from regular everyday life and aging


Effective Treatment for Reducing Stress


Instills confidence in yourself through betterment of your skin


Education can lead to your own skincare protection and implementation of newly learned information can help you in the future
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